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 The Truth Hurts!

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PostSubject: The Truth Hurts!   May 1st 2014, 9:33 pm

Hi, I've been in a 7 year relationship with my boyfriend.  We are so close and made a pack that we will always tell each other the truth.  We've had conversations when we first started out and even through out our relationship about x-boyfriends and girlfriends.  And yes, my man even asked me the question how many men have I been with before him.  And yes, I guess I was dumb enough to answer that question as he had a problem with my answer.  The # was too high for his taste but we moved past it.  About 6 months ago we did have an argument and he threw how many men I had before him in my face.  It hurt me so bad and he made me feel 2 inches tall or worst like a whore.  Anyway, we moved past it and everything has been going well.  Well until last night.

Him and I was out to dinner and this guy came up to him to say Hello.  My boyfriend looked a little stunned at first and then they went on to say their Hello's.  We all chatted a bit and the guy left.  I asked my boyfriend who was that and how do they know each other since he seem to act a little weird. He said it was a old high school buddy and they didn't get along back then.  I left it at that and we continued to enjoy our dinner.

Well I heard some people laughing loud so I looked in their direction.  It was the guy that was at our table and he was laughing with another guy.  As I looked over again I saw them give each other a kiss.  I was like WTF.  I'm not against gays but it just caught me off guard.  So as they were getting up to leave, I told my boyfriend I had to use the bathroom.  I don't know what drove me to do that, but I got up to walk pass them.  As I was walking by, I told the guy to have a good evening and he stopped me to introduce me to his boyfriend.  So the other guy stated "it is so cool when x's run into each other and there is no bad blood."  So I was like what, what do you mean?  The other guy was like "Oops" and they abruptly left.

My stomach fell to the floor.  I went back to my boyfriend and told him what happened.  I asked him to be honest and asked if he had a relationship with that guy.  He acted all upset and we argued.  Eventually he came clean and admitted to have a relationship with him.  I was furious and my whole world seems upside down now.  I've been in a 7 yr relationship so I'm taking this really hard.  My boyfriend is acting all sorry and asking for forgiveness, but I don't know.

I apologize for the short book but I'm hurting and thanks in advance for any feedback.

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PostSubject: Re: The Truth Hurts!   May 2nd 2014, 4:32 pm

Your boyfriend seems like a creep for making you feel 2 inches tall or worse like a whore.  Now it seems like he needs to eat his words.  Well you can look at it like this:  He made you feel bad for being with a few guys before him.  Maybe he was just jealous because he wished he had been with more guys.
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PostSubject: Re: The Truth Hurts!   May 5th 2014, 11:18 pm

Jodacei I would be on my way out.  Your man is lower than low and a huge liar.  His lie is much bigger than the guys you slept with before him.
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PostSubject: Re: The Truth Hurts!   May 6th 2014, 10:44 am

OneHundred%, Kiya15 is right.  I don't take offense to what she says. Besides, how can I take offense to the truth.  Anyhoo, I'm still undecided about staying or leaving.  Right now I'm sleeping in the guest room.  I just can't look or talk to him right now.  He is trying to be sweet and asking for forgiveness but I'm just not ready to make a decision.
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PostSubject: Re: The Truth Hurts!   

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The Truth Hurts!
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