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 TrackingPoint rifle lets you hit what you can’t see

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PostSubject: TrackingPoint rifle lets you hit what you can’t see   July 1st 2014, 8:21 am

When we first covered TrackingPoint’s computer-assisted weapons at CES, it was the rifles’ object-tagging that got everyone’s attention. Its Precision-Guided Firearm (PGF) system allows a shooter to tag the target prior to pulling the trigger. Once tagged, the shooter can squeeze the trigger, but the rifle will not fire until the target is correctly sighted. The gun’s ballistic computer takes into account the target distance, ammunition, barrel condition, and the shooter manually inputs wind conditions. In a new development, TrackingPoint has pushed its Xact System technology even further, allowing the shooter to look at a video screen not connected to the rifle while aiming — thus making possible that spy movie dream of shooting around corners.

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TrackingPoint rifle lets you hit what you can’t see
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